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Become a SGRPRC Park Volunteer


Calling all residents....

We are looking for volunteers Interested in helping to maintain our 4 parks. No experience is needed and no special requirements just the willingness to give back to the community! We are certain your experience will be very fulfilling and enjoyable. We encourage you and your family and friends to volunteer! We need to protect our natural resources and with your help we can continue to do that for years to come! Become a member of the Spring Grove Regional Parks and Recreation Center Park Volunteer Program today!

Responsibilities would include:

  • Picking up litter when needed

  • Notifying our office of any safety issues or hazards at the park

  • Clearing small debris following a storm

  • Being the eyes and ears of the park by notifying us of any potential


  • Helping with any special events offered at the park through the


    Log your volunteer hours and receive thank you gifts when you reach our volunteer achievement levels!!

    If you are interested please call Kate King, Executive Director at 717-225-9733 Ext. 103

    Current Parks
    Spring Grove Community Park Paradise Township Farmers Field Stone Ledge Park-Jackson Township Little Creek Community Park


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