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May In Motion FAQ


Q.  How do I sign up? A. Go to to register.

Q.  Is there a fee to register?  A.  Nope!  This activity is FREE!

Q.  When is registration?  A.  You can register now until the end of May.

Q.  Do I have to register each person in my family?  A. Yes, each person participating needs to be registered.

Q.  It’s after May 1st, can I still register?  A.  Yes, you can register up until the end.  Every minute helps your municipality.

Q.  My child doesn’t have email.  What do I enter on the registration form?  A.  Use the parent/guardian email.

Q.  What municipality do I choose?  A.  Choose the municipality that you live in or are closest to.  Whichever one you pick will get your minutes counted to their total, so choose wisely!  

Q.  What if my municipality isn’t listed?  A.  You get to choose whichever one you want!  (And let your municipality know to contact YARD to be included next year.)

Q.  Do I enter numbers for each family member in the weekly email?  A.  You will need to complete the survey for each participating member of your family.  (Do not combine your numbers with your child)

Q.  How do I enter numbers in the survey?  A.  List your numbers by MINUTES.  For example, a one-hour hike should be counted at 60 minutes.

Q.  What activity counts?  A.  If you are moving, you should be counting!  (popcorn to mouth does not count)  Please only use minutes that are extra – not associated with work.

Q.  How do you know if my numbers are accurate?  A.  We are playing this game based on the honor system.  So, be honorable.

Q.  How do I win a prize?  A.  Prizes will be awarded to the person with the most recorded minutes each week.  Winners will be announced on the YARD Facebook page and contacted via their listed contact information.

Q.  How do we know if our municipality won?  A.  The final tally and winner will be announced on the YARD Facebook page.  

Q.  What if I don’t have Facebook?  How will I know who won?  A.  If you are a weekly winner, you will be contacted via the information you provided at registration.  An email will be sent to all participants with the announcement of the winning municipality at the end of the contest.