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The Staff and the Board of Spring Grove Regional Parks and Recreation Center support our community and are committed to keeping you updated and informed as changes occur.  We thank you for being patient and working with us!We will continue to be here for you as you have been here for us! 

The SGRPRC Board and Staff look forward to continuing to serve you!


Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Take a Quiet Walk in the Park

Use all of your senses during a quiet walk in our local parks and you’ll be amazed at what you can find! Take a magnifying glass or binoculars to get a closer look at nature around you. 

Stand still, sit, or take your time walking through the park. LOOK and observe what you see around you. Do you see branches or leaves moving in the wind? Are there any animals scampering across the grass? Look down – can you see insects in the grass or footprints from people or animals? Look up – do you see clouds or birds flying in the sky? Are the sun, moon, or stars visible? There are so many things to see. How many of these can you find? 

 Animal tracks
Berries on bushes or trees 

Fallen leaves
Buds on branches 

Moss on trees, rocks or logs 

Bird nests Squirrel nests (called dreys) 

Woodpecker holes
Puddles on the ground 

Streams Rocks of different sizes, shapes, and colors 

Different kinds of birds 

Animal droppings
Litter to pick up to keep our parks clean 

Different types of bark on the trees 

Acorns or tree nuts
Flowers of different colors 

Worms or snails
Moths or butterflies 

Groundhog or rabbit holes

 TOUCH and feel the different textures in nature, but be sure to avoid poison vines, hemlock, and thorns. What does lichen or moss feel like? Can you feel the wind or sun on your face? What feels cool or warm to the touch? When you run your fingers over the bark of trees is it smooth or rough? Is the surface you are walking on wet or dry? Does a leaf feel stiff or soft in your hands? 

LISTEN – What can you hear? Are there birds singing in the trees or insects buzzing as they fly around? What do your footsteps sound like on different surfaces? Can you hear noise from traffic that is close by? Are people talking or dogs barking in the distance? Do you hear a zooming noise from a plane flying overhead? Can you hear leaves rustling in the wind or water flowing in a creek? Is there a frog croaking somewhere close to you? 

SMELL – What are the smells around you? Can you smell smoke from someone’s chimney or campfire? If it is overcast outside can you smell dampness from the soil? Maybe you can smell someone cooking yummy food. Are there flowers around that have a pleasant, perfumy smell? Maybe you smell something unpleasant from pollution or smell fresh cut hay in farm fields nearby. 

Hope you enjoy discovering nature during your quiet walks in our parks! 

Little Creek Community Park & Golf Course 

Farmers Field Park Paradise Twp 

Spring Grove Community Park 

Stone Ledge 



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